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Day 26

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Interview: Maggot

Tuesday 23 January
Day 21, 23:30

Fresh from the mean streets of Newport, it's Maggot from Goldie Lookin Chain - you knows it...

How would you describe this CBB house compared to last year's?

Oh it's not as good as my day, not back when I was in there. I had a much better crowd. No, it's good, because you have to get to know the characters and I think everyone has been getting to know the characters.

How would you have coped this year - do you think you would have had more fun?

I would have been like Ian, but not gay.

Do you have a favourite moment of this series?

I have lots of favourite moments. I like Cleo not being funny, I thought that was funny, although she wasn't funny, but it was funny for the wrong reasons.

What do you think of the remaining housemates?

Jermaine - Lovely bloke, he's got the softest voice in the world.

Could he be a member of Goldie Lookin Chain?

No, he's not rough enough.

Danielle - No, I don't like her. I never liked her and I still don't like her.

Jack - He seems all right. He says he is a football agent but I don't believe him.

What do you think he does?


Cleo - I do like her but I don't like her. I don't like her trying to be funny, she should just be.

Dirk - I like Dirk even though he is a bit grumpy nowadays, he wasn't grumpy before and I think that's what you have to remember of him - he's not always grumpy.

Shilpa - I like her she is nice. She is a very elegant lady.

Jo - I don't like her. She is Pat Butcher innit!

Last night BB showed the housemates trying to make BB laugh, did any of them make you laugh?

Ian made me laugh. He was quite good because he was quite random. Where did he get that from? He's learnt that somewhere, he didn't just think of that. He's done that at stage school or maybe on the back of the tour bus when he was in Steps! He's done it before.

Who do you hope gets evicted next?

I would like to see Jo evicted next and maybe Cleo. I do like Cleo but I don't think she is doing herself any good.

Would you ever consider going back into the BB house?

Yes, I would love to go back into the CBB house. I was going to do it this year and unfortunately Jade beat me to it. Should have had me, see!

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