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Chuckle Brother

Cleo wearing a wig
Sunday 21 January
Day 19, 13:30

Get your laughing gear around the latest task...

Everyone knows these housemates are a funny bunch... but now we're about to find out just how funny.

The group's latest task is to use their comedic powers to make Big Brother laugh. They must do it in the Diary Room - individually - and they've got five minutes to raise a chuckle.

It might not sound difficult. After all, they make us laugh all the time - though maybe not in the way they mean. But the monotonic Big Brother is a notoriously tough nut to crack.

As comedy audiences go, Big Brother isn't the most responsive. We can't remember so much as a snigger in all these days. But will it be able to keep a straight face when our gaggle of entertainers unleashes its best material?

Cleo has years of experience making rude sketches, Dirk has worked alongside the hilarious Mr T, while Jermaine has proved time-and-again that he is a comedy genius.

According to the rules, housemates are permitted to do 'whatever they like' get a rise out of Big Brother. This includes using the box of props provided, plus any of their own possessions.

They won't be allowed to leave the Diary Room until Big Brother has chortled - and they've got just 5 minutes to do something hilarious.

Five minutes, when BB hasn't laughed once in five years?

Are they having a giggle..?

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