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Jade, You Have Been Evicted

Jade hears the news
Friday 19 January
Day 17, 21:28

It's the biggest news event of the day...

In the most talked about (and widely anticipated) eviction in CBB history, it was Jade who exited the House with 82% of the vote.

There might have been a certain inevitability about tonight's events, but it still came as a shock when Davina boomed that it was Jade's turn to be evicted from the Big Brother House.

It's been a memorable return to the House for the 25-year-old, who first entered the BB House back in 2002 in the third series of Big Brother. She's since managed to carve a career out of reality TV. This time around she didn't go in alone: she took boyfriend Jack and mum Jackiey along for company, and it's fair to say the three of them turned the House upside down as soon as they arrived.

It didn't take long for Ken to take offence at Jade, and on Day 5 he directly referred to her as "slightly demented, darling". The film director hot-footed it out of the House soon afterwards. Then it was Donny's turn - it seemed that the task of being a servant to the Goody family simply wasn't rock 'n' roll enough, and he shouted words to that effect from the rooftops as he scrambled back to the real world.

Week two in the House brought its own unique turn of events, starting with Jade bewailing the shock exit of mum Jackiey from the House, swiftly followed by a ruck over Dirk's antics with a mini bottle of whiskey. But it was three (or maybe four) stock cubes that finally sealed Jade's fate.

Farewell, Jade. It's certainly been eventful...

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