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Housemates Blow Their Own Trumpets

Ian reads the task laminate to all the housemates
Friday 19 January
Day 17, 16:20

Give us a tune, housemates...

After they gave such an accomplished performance in the Battle of the Bands task, Big Brother has lumbered the housemates with yet another musical assignment.

But this time they won't have a backing track. Or any ex-band members to help them. Or any instruments. In fact, they won't have anything: just their toned, tanned celebrity bodies.

The housemates must perform a piece of classical music using nothing but their flesh, bone and vocal chords. As the Big Brother Human Philharmonic Orchestra, they have to recreate the sounds of the instruments in the piece using any part of their bodies, including their voices. If that doesn't make them feel silly enough, they must also mime the motion of playing the instruments for which they are making the sounds.

The Human Orchestra members are being split into the following sections: woodwind (clarinets, flutes, oboes), brass (horns, trumpets, trombones), string (violins, cellos, double basses) and percussion (snare drum, bass drum, cymbals).

Big Brother is playing them the chosen piece - namely Rossini's 'William Tell Overture' (or "the Lone Ranger" as Jermaine put it, showing his age) and they will get to hear it just three more times during practice. They've got an hour and a half to practise before giving a final performance later today, complete with the requisite silly outfits.

Ian has taken the role of conductor, Jade is the percussionist and the others are being cast in various unfamiliar roles.

"I don't know what woodwinds are," fretted Danielle after being put on oboe duty.

There have been a few trumpet-like sounds emanating from the bedroom these past days, but can this lot now make beautiful music together?

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