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How Do We Test Our Housemates?

Psychological Tests
Friday 19 January
Day 17, 14:37

Big Brother housemates are given a series of psychological tests before they enter the house.

These tests are based around the personality and are broken down into:

1.) Extraversion

Degree of optimism, activity and capacity for experiencing positive emotions and the quality of relationships with others. High scorers are energetic. Low scorers are shy and quiet.

2.) Agreeableness

Degree to which a person cares about others. High scorers are likable and caring. Low scorers are cold and aloof.

3.) Conscientiousness

Degree of organisation, persistence and self-discipline to achieve goals. High scorers are reliable. Low scorers are disorganised.

4.) Emotional Stability

Degree to which a person tends not to experience negative emotions. High scorers are resilient. Low scorers are fragile and volatile.

5.) Openness

Degree to which a person seeks and appreciates new, interesting and unusual experiences. High scorers are creative and flexible. Low scorers are rigid and down to earth.

6.) Affective Communication Test

Seen as a measure of charisma. The test measures a person's ability to induce their own emotions in others through nonverbal behaviour and facial expressions. High scorers are seen as charismatic and engaging. Low scorers are perceived as emotionally 'flat'.

7.) Subjective Happiness Scale

Degree to which a person reports experiencing positive emotions. High scorers are perceived as upbeat and happy. Low scorers are seen as unhappy and sad.

8.) Diagnostic Analysis of Non Verbal Accuracy

This test involves participants looking at photographs of others and trying to identify the four most commonly encountered emotions - anger, fear, happiness and sadness. Commonly seen as a test for emotional intelligence. High scorers are perceptive and socially skilled. Low scorers have little insight into the feelings of others.

9.) Machiavellianism

Degree to which a person is prepared to deceive and manipulate others for personal gain. High scorers are deceptive in everyday interactions. Low scorers are far more 'straight talking'.

10.) Reasoning ability

Designed to measure a person's ability to reason by analogy, independent of language and formal schooling. High scorers are logical thinkers.

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