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The Unveiling

Look at their lovely art
Wednesday 17 January
Day 15, 19:38

Those arty housemates show off their creative talents...

The housemates have been explaining the themes behind their works of modern art this evening. Earlier Big Brother instructed them to get creative in teams, and reflect one emotion they have felt in the House.

Before the exhibition opened, the omens looked good for Dirk's trio. Well, that's if you place value on Jade's opinion.

"That actually could be in a gallery," she remarked having caught a sneaky glimpse.

"Ours is something like Jade's kids could've done," muttered Danielle.

First up to explain their creation was Ian, Jermaine and Shilpa. The red curtain was pulled back to reveal a cardboard torso with a flexed right arm and a big red heart painted on it.

"This explains the strength we all try to show in every situation, even in times we are really distressed," said the actress. "It doesn't just denote... physical strength - but also in terms of character," she stressed. "And heart!" concluded Jermaine, gesturing to the big red heart.

"There's a touch of Picasso in that," admired connoisseur Dirk.

Next up was Danielle, Jack and Jade's work - a painted mannequin head with party hat, surrounded by balloons entitled 'Merry and Beyond'.

"When the House is down we always ask for booze, so we try and merry ourselves up," explained Jade. Pointing to an attached clothes hanger, Danielle added: "This stands for next day when we have a hangover."

Jade rounded off: "This is the sick bag because sometimes things can get a little bit messy." If only so much thought had gone into the Sistine Chapel...

Finally, up stepped Cleo, Dirk and Jo to unveil a complex 3D maze, populated by stick figures made of wire. "Ours is meant to be viewed from a helicopter," chuckled Dirk. "It's called 'A-Mazed'," chipped in Jo.

"There is one way out," continued Dirk, which prompted Cleo to add that Leo had already found it.

Dirk then pointed to one of the figures going over the wall. "They're robots... all programmed to get out," he said. Just like in Battlestar Galactica?

Donning her critics hat once more, Jade gave her final verdict. "Very clever how you've done it - 'A-Mazed'"

Task successfully completed, Big Brother rewarded the gang with some champers to toast their magnificent pieces.

Let's just hope the cardboard man's sick bag doesn't come in handy later...

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