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But Is It Art?

Cleo reads the task laminate.
Wednesday 17 January
Day 15, 17:28

For today's task, housemates must split into groups to create true works of modern art.

The celebrities' powers of creativity are being put to the test as they get in touch with their most raw emotions in the Modern Art Task.

Using the materials provided by Big Brother, the housemates are splitting into three groups of three and setting to work on their masterpieces. Each work of modern art should reflect one strong emotion that each individual member of the group has felt during their time in the House.

The group has been provided with paper suits, which they must wear for the duration of the task, and a set for plinths on which to create their work.

They can use fellow housemates or any of their possessions to create their works of modern art. On unveiling their work of art the housemates must discuss the title, the creative process behind it and whether it is actually 'art'.

They've got 90 minutes to complete the job - and if they successfully complete the task they'll be rewarded. Oooh!

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