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Interview: Leo Sayer

Leo Sayer
Wednesday 17 January
Day 15, 01:51

Leo storms right back in to the Big Mouth studio...

We finally caught up with walk-out legend Leo Sayer, but was he still going to be steamed up about his experience in the House or has he calmed down..?

Many people are hailing your walk-out as the funniest moment so far on CBB...

It kind of wasn't very funny for me, but the amazing thing is that it has actually spread all over the globe. I've had people from Australia, San Francisco, people from Los Angeles, friends from New York, friends from Canada, friends from Italy, saying, 'Oh my God, we have just downloaded you'. So I am everywhere! If only my records could make such an international impact.

How do you feel about the housemates now you've left?

I was trying to be a peacemaker and say we are all going to have to pull together, if you all show each other a bit of love then we can forgive each other afterwards for whatever. But that actually stopped the moment the Goodys came in.

Jermaine misses you a lot...

Yeah, we were having some good chats. We have been mates for years. I think the other thing that is sad is that Dirk can only hear through one ear, so I used to have to sit down and tell him what was going on.

What do you think of Ian? He is trying to stay out of the conflict - do you think that is a strategy to gain votes?

I have to say at the moment I'm most disappointed in Jo, because I thought Jo would rally round because she's such a good kid. I thought she'd talk to everybody but she isn't.

What did you think of Jackiey?

I loved her. She was the saddest exit from the House for me. I think she's great because she's like a child, she's innocent, and if you don't like it you tell her to shut up and she shuts up.

Do you think anyone else will walk?

No. I think it is tough on Dirk and Jermaine because of the ganging up between the girls, but they're made of tough stuff.

If BB was to put a new housemate in there who would you like to see go in?

Ken Livingstone. That would be quite fun. His voice would probably annoy them to death but you need a politician in there to keep it together.

Who would you like to see evicted next and why?

I wouldn't like to see any of them evicted, but I think if you took Jade out it would be very interesting...

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