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Unhappy Shoppers

Cleo and Shilpa get to grips with the shopping budget
Monday 15 January
Day 13, 22:36

Uh oh, it's time to sort out the basic rations...

The housemates are all really tired and down after the task, so it probably wouldn't be the best time to complete the shopping list. Would it?

The list causes big old barneys at the best of times, but giving them an hour to finish it when they're super tired is just asking for trouble.

As the housemates are on basic rations, they have a measly £45 budget between nine of them. You do the math - that's not a lot of money, and the celebrities know it. "Right, this time we are getting involved!" Jade said, realising she needed to get her food order in.

Shilpa was in there straight away, trying to organise, but Cleo suggested: "Jade, you'd better do this, you've done it before..."

"We all need to do it," Jade stressed. "How much have we got each?" Shilpa calculated: "Everyone gets a £5 order."

"But the things that will get us through are rice and beans!" Cleo told them, while Jack moaned: "Aggh, too many voices!"

Jade then decided that she, Jack, Danielle, and Jo would just order together. "You all do yours and we'll do ours after, " she told her housemates when the usual bickering started. "I wanna eat things I like!"

"This is gonna make me really angry, I'm just gonna keep my mouth shut," Jo said through gritted teeth. "I'll live on noodles and soy sauce!"

"We're all tired," Ian soothed, trying to diffuse the building arguments.

Oh, there's nothing like a shopping list to bring the group together!

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