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Slip Up

Ian clutches his trophy
Monday 15 January
Day 13, 18:41

The housemates' assault course task didn't go quite to plan...

Dressed in fancy clobber, the celebrities took on Big Brother's Red Carpet Assault Course. All was going well until Danielle's breasts caused havoc!

The housemates had nine minutes to complete the slimy gauntlet set up in the garden. But with all of the girls in the House having ample breastage, trying to duck and dive around in a low-cut dress was never going to be a good idea. And despite their best efforts, they completed the task in 10 minutes 35 seconds, meaning they failed.

With the girls in black evening dresses and the men in tuxedos and dickey bows, the housemates bundled into a limo in the garden and waited to run the Red Carpet. Jo kicked things off, followed by Cleo, and then Jermaine was let loose on the course. He'll definitely sleep well after the effort he exerted - he was like a man possessed.

Shilpa was next up and muttered profanities the whole way around. Tut tut, Princess! Then it was Dirk's turn, and he obviously put his A-Team training into practice. He was like a rat up a drainpipe as he dived into the VIP Pit.

Before the task started, Jade and Jo worried that they might have a, er, fall out, but Jade assured Jo: "Just tuck it in and keep going!" Jade managed to manoeuvre around the course enduring only an almost-nip slip, but poor Danielle really suffered.

No sooner had she left the limo than her lady bits were making a bid for freedom. She stopped to pull her dress back up, but it was no use. Instead, she had to complete the course with her dress around her waist and her bra exposed - oops!

Aww, great effort housemates. It's the taking part that counts...

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