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Leo's Dash for Freedom

Leo's making a break for it in the garden
Friday 12 January
Day 10, 13:15

All it took was a bunch of dirty pants to get Leo skidding for the door.

After a heated exchange in the Diary Room, Leo stomped into the lounge to where most of the housemates were gathered.

"I'm leaving the House guys cos Big Brother won't provide me with underwear," he announced.

"Oh, don't be daft," said Carole.

"No I'm going for the door, I'm outta here."

"He's not going," said Jade

"Oh don't," repeated Cleo.

"You can have some of mine," offered Dirk helpfully.

But like all the best divas, Leo was already two steps into his dramatic exit. "F*** this," he huffed and started beating his fist on a two-way mirror.

"Don't do anything rash," said Dirk

"I'm not," said Leo, grabbing a broom from the kitchen and forcing his way through one of the walls.

"He's gone!" said Ian.

"Everyone's going mad in here," nodded Jo.

"I can't believe he's gone!" said a shocked Danielle.

But he has, Danielle. Well, he did once write a song called 'Running To My Freedom'...

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