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The Punishment Fits the Crime

Danielle's had a shock
Thursday 11 January
Day 9, 15:12

Loose talk cost lives.

And this afternoon Carole and Cleo found that their loose nomination chat earlier in the week meant that one of them would automatically be up for the public vote this week.

Following housemate nominations, both Carole and Cleo were summoned to the Diary Room. They were reminded by Big Brother that they'd both talked about nominations and as punishment one of them would also be up for eviction.

What they didn't know was that when they were in the Diary Room, they were flashed up on the plasma screen to their fellow housemates, who had to choose which of them would face the public vote.

"You must come to a unanimous decision," said Big Brother.

As Jade and Danielle got tearful, Dirk looked cross. "Have you done this show before?"

"I'm allowed to be upset, Dirk," sobbed Jade. "I love them both."

But Ian took charge and calmed things down, requesting a sensible show of hands.

"It's Carole," he counted, as the majority of arms were raised for her name.

The two came out of the Diary Room, oblivious as to which one had been chosen.

"I know it's me," said Carole. "I'm fine, I'm fine." But she didn't look that fine as her brow knitted firmly and she grumbled that Shilpa had talked about nominations too.

Somehow, we don't think she's gonna let this one lie.

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