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Jackiey Gets The Heave Ho

Wednesday 10 January
Day 8, 21:50

Jackiey is evicted, to the shock of her fellow housemates...

Jackiey has been evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother House after receiving only 4.6% of votes to save a housemate.

After the group were asked to sit round the dining table, Jackiey was called to the Diary Room to be told about the secret public poll.

When asked by Big Brother to leave immediately without saying goodbye, she said: "What about my eviction clothes? Do I go out like this? I've got no shoes on!"

Jackiey followed in the footsteps of daughter Jade and her boyfriend Jack by entering the House on Day 3 as part of a surprise twist that saw the formation of 'The Family'. The trio adopted Jermaine, Ken and Shilpa and there was soon friction.

Jackiey's 'chalk and cheese' relationship with Shilpa brought verbal fireworks to the House as they argued over a variety of matters, not least the pronunciation of the Bollywood star's name.

Full of energy and always up for a laugh, her bedroom flatulence was the stuff of legend and often had her housemates in stitches, amidst the coughing.

Check back to read her interview with Davina...

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