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Mum's the Word

Shilpa comforts Jade
Saturday 06 January
Day 4, 21:20

Jackiey's active mouth is causing a few problems for Jade...

While most of the housemates are probably missing their families, Jade is finding out that having your mum in the House is not necessarily a good thing.

The Servant task seems to be opening up a right can of worms, as now Jackiey and her motor-mouth are annoying everyone - especially Jade.

The task rules state that the Servants are not permitted to eat any of the Family's food. But in the outside world Shilpa is used to her servants tasting her food for her. When she suggested this happen in the Big Brother Manor, fellow Family-member Jackiey went off on one about it being a rule break.

Her constant ranting got all too much for Jade who ended up bursting in to tears. Speaking to Big Brother in the Diary Room, Jade revealed, "My mum's doing my head in! She's full-on the whole time... it's too much... I feel responsible for my mum..."

Going back into the Manor, a crying Jade was comforted by Shilpa. "I don't like asking people to do things for me and my mum goes on and on," Jade sobbed. "Other people say things and I agree, then I feel bad as it's my mum and I should side with her... It's awkward and horrible."

"People understand, they have seen her and you..." Shilpa comforted, before handing over the reigns to boyfriend Jack.

"What's the matter?" he asked.

"I can't get away from her voice, I'm her daughter and I shouldn't say that!" Jade moaned.

"She is not my mum and she does my head in!" Jack told her, before laughing, "That's your first breakdown."

Yep, and we're guessing it's not going to be the last!

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