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The Return of Jade

Jackiey, Jade and Jack
Friday 05 January
Day 3, 20:38

Yep, Jade Goody is back - but this time she's not alone...

She's back. Tonight sees the return on Jade Goody to familiar territory - but this time, she's bringing the Family!

The reality tv star will be accompanied by her mother Jackiey and boyfriend Jack. But as the current housemates will soon find out, extreme measures are needed to cater for the new arrivals.

Ian felt it in his waters yesterday - everything was going just a little too smoothly. And Big Brother evidently thought so too!

Earlier today the celebrities were asked to pack their undies for a weekend away. But they've no idea why!

The 'Family' will be making their hotly-anticipated entrance live tonight and you can guarantee a few feathers will be ruffled.

Stay tuned to find out how Big Brother will be mixing it up and what it will mean for the housemates. And don't miss the arrival of Jade and family live on Channel 4 at 10.30pm.

We can't wait!

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