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Get Packing

Suitcases in the garden
Friday 05 January
Day 3, 16:20

The housemates are told to pack their smalls - but where are they off to?

It's all been too easy for the housemates so far. Chatting, getting on and playing nice.

But wait! Listen! Is that the clatter of a spanner been thrown in the works? This is Celebrity Big Brother, after all.

Cleo exited the Diary Room with a scary looking laminate in her hand to read to the group. It said that housemates would be provided with an overnight case, in which they'd pack overnight essentials for the next three days. They couldn't pack clothes, just underwear and socks.

On hearing this, Ken perked up from his slouch on the couch. "I'm quite excited now," he said.

"Oh no, I don't want to go anywhere," said Shilpa.

After Big Bro gave them the nod, housemates grabbed their cases from the storeroom and began stuffing in their smalls.

"Game on!" grinned Leo.

"This is very exciting," agreed Cleo. "An adventure. How fabulous!"

While they were packing, Dirk spied an opportunity. Turning to Leo he said: "If you go, and I don't, can I have the double bed?"

In the other corner, Carole tried to lift her bag, "That's really heavy," she said. "And that's just my knickers."

"Goodness!" said Ken.

Where could they all be going..?

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