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Day 26

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Shut That Snore!

Ken's getting out of bed.
Friday 05 January
Day 3, 09:45

It's been a hard day's night. And fingers are being pointed.

As housemates began to stir in the bedroom this morning, Danielle wasted no time in confronting chief rumbler Ken.

"Ken, I haven't been to sleep," she called across to him.

"Why?" he enquired, looking well-rested.

"Your snoring. I had to get up at five in the morning."

"I shall definitely see Big Brother," resolved Ken.

"I spoke to him already," replied a down-in-the-mouth Danielle.

"What did he say?" asked Ken, hopefully.

"He said to speak to you."

"Maybe we can get one of those plaster things for your nose," suggested Cleo, from her bed on the floor.

"I'd be delighted," agreed Ken, before turning to Shilpa. "Shall I get one for you too?"

The actress looked startled. "Last night, I came in here last and you were fast asleep," said Ken to Danielle, before pointing at Carole. "And you were snoring. And Shilpa was snoring." Busted.

"I snore when I'm really tired and my nose is clogged. But I didn't snore," the actress pleaded. But Ken wasn't having any of it. "You kept me awake for an hour."

"But you kept me awake the night before!" she retorted.

"It was explosive last night, Ken," said Carole, coming to Shilpa's aid.

"It was like a volcano," added Danielle.

Another night of this and it'll be tempers that start erupting.

"We still love you, Uncle Ken. It's okay," calmed Cleo.

Ken grabbed his towel and made for the bathroom, announcing: "I'm going to blow my nose now. I apologise if it was minging."

But Shilpa pressed on, possibly appeasing her own guilt.

"Leo, can you comment on Uncle Ken's snoring?"

"D flat," he replied, then paused. "Actually, I heard you snoring!"

A nighttime wall of sound in stereo... wonder if a third could strike up a melody?

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