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Phew! Hot Mamma

Smiley Cleo
Thursday 04 January
Day 2, 18:40

Jo and Ian decide Cleo's one foxy a mumsy sort of way...

Cleo's maternal nature has been noticed by Ian and Jo - who reckon the actress is a real MILF!

Before reaching their verdict, the two young singers were sat on the couch feeling a bit under the weather when Cleo came over from the kitchen to tend to the young lambs.

Ian tried to overcome his lethargy by leaping up with the aim of setting the dinner table, but Cleo was having none of it.

"I'm going to set the table - you sit down" she said, ushering him back to his seat.

"He hasn't done anything!" protested Jo, referring to the former Steps star's lack of housekeeping.

"Please - he's got a headache," pleaded Cleo on behalf of Ian. "I tidied up this morning," Ian cattily snapped back.

"You just rest until you feel better. Don't worry," reassured Cleo, as she returned to the kitchen.

"Thank you mum!" bellowed Jo. Then Ian turned the air a deeper shade of blue by uttering the immortal line - "she's definitely a MILF!"

Jo instantly agreed, which - without going into the cruder details of the acronym - suggests that Cleo is a lady of a certain age who can still bowl the boys over.

But when Ian asked the former S Clubber whether she'd like to be a MILF, Jo replied: "I'd need a kid first."

But we think you've got the potential, Jo!

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