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The Lion Doesn't Sleep Tonight

Thursday 04 January
Day 2, 03:34

It's a restless night for at least one housemate.

Jetlagged, restless and sharing his pit with Donny, Leo can't sleep. So in a bid to stave off his first-night insomnia, Leo heads for the Diary Room for a late-night chat with Big Bro.

Gallant Leo stepped into the breach to save Jo the first-night blushes of having to share a bed with Donny. Leo offered to share a bed with the rocker so Jo didn't have to, but he was soon regretting it.

"I can't sleep," he announced to Big B. "I've got a naked man in my bed. It makes it difficult. I'm not used to it in my daily activities. I'd love to be in my own bed, but the look on poor Jo's face was so sad."

"Donny's alright, he's a pussycat. But seeing him sprawled out in the bed stark naked isn't a very good prospect."

"Are you regretting it?" asked Big Brother sympathetically.

"No, I think it's a good decision. But when you get a young naked rock Adonis in your bed, it isn't good."

Looking hopeful, Leo looked up. "Can I sleep here? The silence is great," he asked, waiting for Big Bro to

inevitably turn down his request.

"Have you got one word to describe how you're feeling?" asked BB.

"Knackered," laughed Leo. "Ken snores. There's this endless buzzing from dear Ken, but what can you do? Oh, and Donny chats in his sleep. It's a very strange thing, a naked man talking to himself in your bed. It doesn't annoy me, but it's not a very inviting prospect."

We predict 'pyjamas for Donny' as a Diary Room request later on...

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