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Donny Gets Wet 'n Wild

Donny in tub
Wednesday 03 January
Day 1, 21:45

Donny wastes no time in taking the plunge - clothes and all...

Someone had to be the first in the hot tub and Donny made sure he lived up to his rock 'n' roll image by jumping straight in - fully clothed.

Having maybe had one too many cups of special fizzy pop before entering the House, a merry Donny soon found a friend in Cleo. She kindly took it upon herself to run his soaked trousers and smalls through the mangle.

While most of the other housemates sat exchanging pleasantries on the heated seats in Nowhere, Donny was desperate for some action. He tried to get Danielle to join in some wacky antics, but sensing her reluctance, went and bombed it in to the tub alone - fag in mouth.

"Let's have Christmas songs!" Donny yelled as he splashed around, "I'll start, you join in..." Leo, Dirk and Carole played along, joining him for a spot of Slade. But within seconds Donny was over the singing. He left his housemates to it while he noisily coughed, spluttered and spat (eww!) in the tub.

Soon bored of being wet and wild all on his tod, a dripping Donny sauntered in to the House. He tried to drag Cleo back in to the tub with him, but she declined and instead took it upon herself to play mum.

Leading Donny out to the outside toilet, Cleo waited in the garden while Donny slipped out of his wet clothes and into a silk gown. She then kindly ran his wet things through the mangle - ahh.

Wonder how long it will take for the housemates to want to put each other through the mangle?!

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