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Big Brother
Day 26

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Applications for Big Brother are closed

Big Brother eye
Day 35, 11:31
Thousands of you applied for Big Brother 2007...
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Shilpa as Aunt Jamilah

Those Funny Bits

Day 34, 11:40
Make 'em laugh...
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Jackiey looking shocked

Top Shocks

Day 31, 12:00
There were plenty of surprises up Big Brother's sleeve...
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Donny jumps over the Servants' Quarters wall

Housemates - You Have Been Evicted

Day 28, 12:00
Watch the moments when the celebrities left the House...
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Housemates performing in Showgirls Task

Week Four Round-Up

Day 26, 12:00
It was the housemates' final week - and what a time they had!
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Shilpa leaves the House

Shilpa Meets Davina

Day 26, 22:00
The winner of CBB5 speaks about her incredible journey...
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