Video FAQ

Channel 4 Big Brother Video FAQ

This is our handy FAQ guide to help you watch via your PC the stream from the Big Brother house or our video clips.

What does my computer need to play video?

Please visit our help page for this information

Can I access the clips or stream from a Macintosh?

Episodes are not available to Mac users because the Mac version of the Windows Media Player does not support the features we use to protect our content from unauthorized use.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept payments made via our website with cards displaying the following logos: Mastercard, Visa, Maestro/Switch, Delta. We cannot accept payments via PayPal, cheque, money order, by mail or phone, or in any other form.

Material in the Downloads

You understand that the Content may contain nudity or other material of a sexual nature, or may include content that you may consider offensive or otherwise objectionable. Although we will attempt to bring such material to your attention prior to completion of your transaction, you agree that we shall have no liability to you for any Content that may be found to be offensive or otherwise objectionable.

How can I retrieve my password if I forget it?

If you forget your password, click the "Forgot Password" link located here to have it sent to your registered e-mail address. If you have a spam filter running (often enabled by default on AOL, Hotmail, EarthLink and Yahoo), please check your "spam", "bulk", or "junk" mail folder if the email does not arrive.

I get a message prompting me to perform a "Windows Media security upgrade" when I try to view video - what do I do?

In order to access the content, you will need to click "yes" to get an update to Windows Media that will enable you to view the content. If this doesn't appear to work, we advise that you upgrade your Windows Media Player by clicking here and following the instructions.

I tried to watch a video and got error code 541. What does this mean?

The video you have purchased can only be viewed on a limited number of PCs.

In the case of "Lost", an episode is restricted to a single PC in a 24 hour period. Please review the Terms and Conditions for more details.

For further assistance please contact Customer Service on the links below.

Customer Support

If you have a question specifically about purchasing and watching full episodes online, including billing and technical issues, please contact