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How to apply online for Big Brother

E4 logoWant to be on Big Brother? Open Auditions may be finished but there is still time to apply for Big Brother.
Big Brother is back this summer and for the first time ever, you can apply to be a housemate online. Applying is easy. But you'll need to read this simple guide to improve your chances of being chosen by Big Brother.

The earlier you submit your application answers and video, the greater chance that Big Brother will spot you. So submit your application now!

Please read these guidelines carefully to make sure you are in with a chance of being a housemate in the 2007 Big Brother House.

If you'd prefer to attend an open audition, find out when Big Brother is in your area.

Follow these steps

  1. Register at E4.com
    It only takes a couple of minutes. Register now.

  2. If you have already registered for a Channel 4 service, such as Big Brother streaming, you can use the same log in details on E4.com
  3. Fill in your Big Brother online application form
    You'll need to answer some personal questions about yourself. Please answer all questions honestly. Remember, like a real audition, once you've submitted it - you can't change it.

  4. Upload your Big Brother application video
    Uploading a video to compliment your application form will increase your chances of being noticed and rated by other E4.com members. You don't need to complete the form and upload the video at the same time.

  5. Tell us who you think should be in the house
    Rate and review other potential housemates to help Big Brother find the best applicants.

Application questions - the rules

Once you have registered at E4.com, click on 'My E4' and complete your E4 profile questions, which can be found under the 'More about Me' tab. Next, click on the 'My Big Brother Application' tab.

There are 23 Big Brother application questions. We use the information you give us to contact you so please be careful when filling in this form and make sure all the information is correct.

Your Big Brother video can be viewed and rated by other members of the community, but only Big Brother will be able to see your Big Brother application. The E4.com profile you create is public and can be viewed by E4.com members.

Big Brother application video - the rules

You decide what you do in your application video, but please don't break our terms and conditions.

For legal reasons, at the start of your application video you MUST say your first name (but NOT your surname) and state that you want to audition for Big Brother 2007.

For example, if your name is John Smith, at the beginning of your video you would need to say: "Hello, I'm John and I want to be a Big Brother 2007 Housemate." Unfortunately, if you fail to do this, or you accidentally say your surname, your video may be deleted.

Your video must not exceed one minute in length and must not feature music - even if it's just you singing a song. Break these rules, and your video will be removed.

So remember:

  • If you feature anyone else in your video, you must have their consent to film them and to upload the video to us.

  • Everything you send to us must be your own work and not copied from anyone else. If you include anyone else's material in your video, you must have obtained their permission to do so. If you don't, you will be infringing the copyright in the material.

  • Do not secretly film anyone or infringe anyone's right to privacy.

  • Do not include anything that is obscene, indecent, harassing, threatening or offensive.

  • Do not mention any court cases or arrests as this may constitute a contempt of court.

  • Do not say untrue things about people or companies as this may be defamatory.

  • Do not feature any music in your video unless this is original i.e. your own composition.

  • Your video must not promote, show or incite cruelty, violence, vandalism, fraudulent or criminal acts or contain content or images that could encourage others to commit illegal acts or acts that could cause physical harm if replicated.

  • Other people will be able to view your video online, so don't reveal anything personal unless you're comfortable in doing so. Don't include your personal or work contact details (this includes your last name) or anyone else's personal details in the video.

  • Read the full terms and conditions

Video tips:

  • You can use any means you have to film your video, whether it's with a video camera, webcam or phone. But the higher the quality the better.

  • Make sure the lighting is ok and there is no background noise.

  • Check your film before you upload it.

How to upload your video:

  • Make sure you have your video file saved on your computer.

  • Visit E4.com, click 'upload' (found near the top of each page) and follow the instructions.

File formats:

  • E4.com accepts MOV, MPEG, AVI, 3GPP and FLV.

The deadline for entries

The deadline for all applications is midnight on Sunday, 25 February 2007.

But the earlier you submit your application answers and video, the better the chance there is that Big Brother will spot you. So submit your application now!

What happens next?

One hundred successful applicants will be invited by Big Brother to attend an audition in London in March 2007.

Once you've submitted your online application, you can help Big Brother find the outstanding potential housemates. Highlight your favourites by commenting on and rating other people and their videos. You can also add videos to your favourites to watch again later. Make friends with other E4 members and tell everyone you know about your own application video.

If you have your own webpage or blog it's easy to add your video. You'll find the HTML on your video page under 'embedded player'.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many online applicants will be auditioned in person?
Big Brother will choose 100 applicants.

How do I know if Big Brother has received my answers to the application questions?
Once you've completed your application questions and clicked 'submit', they will be sent to Big Brother. You can read your questions again, but not change them.

How will I know if I've been picked to attend an audition in person?
Big Brother will contact you via telephone or email and invite you to an audition in London. Please do not attempt to contact Big Brother - if you've been chosen, Big Brother will get back to you.

Do I have to upload an application video?
No. As long as you answer all of Big Brother's questions you may be picked for an audition. However, uploading a video may increase your chances of being picked.

Can I change the application questions after I have submitted them?
No. You can read your questions again, but not change them.

How do I save someone's video as a favourite?
While watching the video, click 'add to my favourites.'

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