Big Brother Video Online

Is footage from the Big Brother House on the website suitable for my children to watch?

The video shown on the website is live from the House. No part of Big Brother is scripted or planned, and so the audio may contain language that is not suitable for family audiences. The visual material is the same as on E4 and so will not show adult content during daytime viewing hours (5.30am until 9.00pm). We recommend that children are supervised.

Is the website video the same as Big Brother Live on E4?

The television programmes are complied to Ofcom regulations and so will not contain any adult content during daytime viewing hours (5.30am until 9.00pm). The website video is the same as Live on E4 but the audio may contain adult language that doesn't appear on E4.

What is Big Brother online video content and why do I need it?

The online video allows you personal access to the cameras, which means you can watch the live action from the Big Brother House 24 hours a day on your computer.

You can also see archives of what's happened by looking in the News section, plus Diary Room footage.

Do I need to pay to watch Big Brother video online?

Yes. In order to watch high-quality live streaming video, you will need to buy one of these passes:

Series Pass
This will enable you to see all video for the entire series.

24-Hour Pass
You can watch Big Brother streaming for 24 hours with this pass.

Find out more about the passes here [/live/index.html]

Do I need a Broadband connection?

Yes, you will need a broadband connection of at least 512kbps.

What software do I need to watch video?

You will need:

Windows XP/2000
Windows Media Player 9 or 10

I'm using a Mac - can I still watch the video?

Big Brother Video is only supported on Windows XP and not on Macintosh computers. Further details of why can be found here [link to full video FAQ]

My question isn't answered here - how can I get further help?

There is a more comprehensive FAQ here.