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Selected Artists 2003
Lucy Skaer |  Mark Titchner |  Markus Vater |  Michael Fullerton |  Peter Peri |  Shezad Dawood |  Simon Periton |  Tariq Alvi
  Markus Vater Markus Vater

Markus' practice is comprised of paintings, drawings and animation. His works utilise a plethora of painterly styles and genres that range from cartoons to graphic portraiture.

Often populated with characters from comic books and science fiction films, Markus' paintings offer us a look into the psyche of figures that inhabit the popular imagination of each and every one of us. Divorced from the comic strip or from the film narrative these characters are given a new of context - Spiderman is confused and lost in a dense forest, E.T. is not phoning home but giving us the finger, Batman is alone surrounded by nothing but a beach and vast sea, quizzically examining a minute spacecraft. Through the use of differing scales and settings the darker sides of these characters' psyches are played out, their failings hinted at, they become clumsy - more human than superhuman.

Sixteen things about art by Markus Vater:

1. nobody can own it.
2. it will be forgotten ,when everybody dies.
3. it is, when it's good, full of love.
4. on Uranus you can't impress anybody with it.
5. when it rains shit it's the only umbrella.
6. it brings you to places you haven't been to: like New York, or inside a dead person, or to a place with just a lot of yellow around.
7. it is made cheaply and worth a lot.
8. it can be blue or yellow or red. it can be big or small or see through. it can be quiet or smart.
9. you can't improve it once its done.
10. it can be done by animals or plants, but is best by humans.
11. it is invisible.
12. it tells you that there are other people out there.
13. it is nice decoration for rich people's living-rooms and bedrooms.
14. it is related to alcoholism.
15. sometimes it changes your breathing or you get sweaty hands when you see it.
16. it is unforgettable sometimes.

Markus was born in Germany in 1970, graduating in 1997 from the Kunstakademie, Düsseldorf, and then from the Royal College of Art, Fine Art MA, in 2000. He is a founding member of the collaborative group hobbypopMUSEUM, a collective of about 10 artists. Markus lives and works in London, and is represented by Vilma Gold.

They have landed, 2002, acrylic on canvas
© Markus Vater
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