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Selected Artists 2003
Lucy Skaer |  Mark Titchner |  Markus Vater |  Michael Fullerton |  Peter Peri |  Shezad Dawood |  Simon Periton |  Tariq Alvi
  Mark Titchner Mark Titchner

Phrases borrowed from miscellaneous sources and found text feature prominently in Mark's work. These seemingly random texts and slogans have resonances that can be found in once radical, but now outdated, philosophies, the territory of the avant-garde. Divorced from their original context, the meanings of such catchphrases and cliches become ambiguous and the appropriate response is perhaps bewildering – should we interpret these works with humour, sincerity or cynicism? Mark presents these 'cod-philosophies' in the forms of light boxes and banners, which in themselves possess a slick advertising aesthetic - the radical consumed by popular culture. Mark appropriates styles that originate from diverse sources such as the high street, interior decor and abstract art. For example the work 'WE WILL NOT FOLLOW. WE WILL NOT LEAD.' uses images taken from Andy Warhol and William Morris, whilst the text paraphrases an aphorism by Nietzsche. In his practice Mark tries to deal with the difficulty or contingent nature of assuming a position in relation to 'large themes'.

Mark was born in Luton, Bedfordshire in 1973. In 1995 he graduated from Central St Martin's College of Art and Design. Mark lives and works in London and is represented by Vilma Gold.
WE WILL NOT LEAD. 2003, lightbox,
© Mark Titchner
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