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Selected Artists 2003
Art Monthly

Last month not only saw the announcement that Jaume Plensa's monument to new journalists, Breathing, would be sited at BBC Broadcasting House in 2005, but also the unveiling of Liz Rideal's work for the tarpaulins that shroud the building site for the restoration and new extension of Broadcasting House, as well as the opening of the BBC Media Village in White City which includes major works by Yuko Shiraishi and Simon Patterson. Rideal's Kerfuffle has been created by enlarging tiny composite images taken in a photo booth, showing the artist's hand drawing back a red curtain. It will remain in place until July and is the fourth artwork to occupy the site since July 2003 as part of a series of temporary installations by artists responding to the theme of broadcasting. For the Media Village Patterson has created a wall painting based on the designs used for the First World War dazzle ships, which also includes the names of people working behind the scenes in the film and television industry. Shiraishi has created a wall painting for the building's reception area and, in addition, her colour scheme breaks up the building's facades and provides accents of colour to the timber acoustic fins of the internal atria. For more info go to

Not to be out done by the BBC, at the end of March Channel 4 unveiled new commissions by Simon Periton and Lucy Skaer for its main office in London's Horseferry Road. Periton has explained elliptically that he used Marcel Duchamp's The Bride Stripped Bare By Her Bachelors, Even as a starting point, and that he wanted to make a piece of work that 'functions as a constellation or diagrammatic map of the building as a whole, emphasising the mechanical structure and organic flow of the building. Although the work will be placed onto the exterior of the building the aim is to enhance the transparency of the structure by placing elements on differing levels of the front and rear facades, collapsing the spaces between them'. The work consists of various individual elements placed on the glass throughout the building. Lucy Skaer has created four unlimited edition posters that visitors to the Channel 4 building will be able to take away with them. She has said that they 'are inspired by the content of Channel 4, using images from the archive of broadcast material. Like the original material, the posters are for distribution, and will form a record, a kind of map of the people who use the building'. The posters are available from the reception.

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