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Selected Artists 2003
A-N Magazine
February 2004

New commission from Lucy Skaer and Simon Periton were added in January to channel 4's art collection, displayed throughout its own buildings and potentially on loan to other collections and museums. Selected by a panel chaired by Whitechapel Gallery's Twona Blazwick that included Matthew Collings, Gavin Turk and Gilane Tawadros, other featured artists included Tariq Alvi, Shez Dawood, Michael Fullerton and Mark Titchner.

Periton's work for the Horseferry Road site subverts the cosy delicacy and the intimacy of the traditional doily form by way of his choice of subject - Wallis Simpson , the Sex Pistols and Iggy Pop. Skaer's commission - site to be announced - comprises drawings using found images sourced from photojournalistic reportage. Merging photo-originated images with different forms of patterning, the artist creates shifting collages that move from the emotive to the reified and are referenced to Venn diagrams, heraldry, oriental porcelain design and Rorsach ink blots.

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