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3 Minute Wonder: The Bicycle
Just how easy is it to steal a bike without anyone noticing – and is it really as petty a crime as people think?

Dominic Waugh
Frustrated at having his bike stolen in London – again – Dominic Waugh had the inspiration for his winning pitch, entitled Stop Nicking My Bike. His mission: to buy a bike, secure it at various busy spots in London, and then steal it in broad daylight – as many times and in as many ways as possible. Footage of one man's quest to see just how easy it is to steal a bike in London will be inter-cut with stories from the wealth of material on bike theft in the ITN SOURCE archives – "from the quirky to the heartbreaking."

I want to make sure that the film is an enjoyable watch – I think the idea of me nicking my own bike over and over again has a lot of comic potential (as my methods become ever more extreme) and juxtaposed with the archive stories, it'll make for more than just a strictly polemical film. You’ll have the joy of watching potentially real crimes take place before your eyes and then seeing how the public react, if indeed they do at all...

Dominic Waugh lives in East London and freelances in television. On the back of winning the Sheffield International Documentary Festival Pitch Prize, he has just finished a film for Channel 4 entitled I Speak Animal.

"I feel incredibly lucky and privileged to have been picked, and now I am just really excited about making the best film I can," comments Dominic. "I am particularly looking forward to the creative challenge that the restrictions of the 3-minute format will entail, and very excited about the chance of having a proper trawl through ITN SOURCE's incredible archive to see what I can find!"

Watch Dominics's film online now >

The Bicycle was first shown on C4 from 24 - 27 July
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