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Statement of Promises

Channel 4’s objectives are founded in our remit as laid out in the statement of programme policy, attached to the Channel 4 licence.

This states that Channel 4 should “foster the new and experimental in television.  It will encourage pluralism, provide a favoured place for the untried and encourage innovation in style content perspective and talent on and off screen”.

Our aim is to maintain the salience of Channel 4’s remit and values in the new media landscape of the digital age.  Channel 4 will increasingly grow its strengths from its core of terrestrial broadcasting to provide creative content across different media platforms.  Events as different from each other as “Kumbh Mela” and “Big Brother” have demonstrated the resonance of such multi-media events and we will build upon them.

Our ambition is to remain true to our unique role in UK broadcasting.  We are a commercial broadcaster, with a funding structure and public service remit to provide diverse and innovative programming and services.  We are there to offer a benchmark of quality and innovation, providing competition to commercial and public sector broadcasters alike.  Channel 4 aims to set ambitions for innovation in British media that others aspire to meet.

We will use our reputation for risk and non-conformism to engage a younger generation in the values of public service broadcasting.

Our public service remit extends beyond the value we offer to the viewing public to our contribution to the strength and diversity of the British creative economy.  We aim to be the destination of first choice for the independent  programme maker.  We will reflect a range of voices which are in danger of being crowded out by an increasingly commodified television environment.

We will seek out each year a wider range of production companies than any other broadcaster.  They will be drawn from across the UK.  We will encourage new production and new media companies.  We aim to be the point of connection for UK independent talent across different creative industries.

We will reflect the diversity of Britain; culturally and geographically. We will reflect the energy of our multicultural society, by representing the voices of a new generation of programme makers from the ethnic minorities.  We will reflect the complexity of Britain back to itself, in the range of programmes and production companies commissioned from cities across the whole of the UK.

Our starting point is to meet our regulatory targets for numbers of originated UK programmes, and for first run programmes, and the quotas for regional and independent production, as set out in our licence.  We will also meet the licence targets set for hours of broadcasting each week over the year for Schools programming, Education, News and Current Affairs, Religion and Multicultural programmes.

But, unlike a shareholder based business, Channel 4’s remit is not a ceiling for its editorial ambitions, but the basis of its definition.  Our editorial purpose goes beyond specific numbers of programmes or programme genres.

The Channel 4 Statement of Promises will annually reflect these ambitions and detail our specific priorities for the next two years.  Each year the priorities may alter to reflect the fresh challenges we face in fulfilling our remit.

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Statement of Promises

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