Viewers' Voice - March

05 April 2012

Of the 10,430 contacts received by Channel 4 (1,094 complaints and 438 appreciatives) these were the most talked about programmes in March from our viewers...


Sri Lanka's Killing Fields

"I just wish to convey my deepest gratitude for unveiling the incidents in the Sri Lankan Killing fields video. You are truly a great news channel and we are all grateful to you"


10 O'Clock Live

"As a Christian, Jimmy Carr's comments referring to the second coming of Christ, and twisting that into a disgusting joke regarding Keith O Brian waiting on his knees for a man to "come again" for the second time I found utterly offensive. People are entitled to their views on other peoples initial comments, but to use a cornerstone of the Christian faith in that manor is completely unacceptable. It is my belief that that sort of comment would not have even been broadcast if it was based on an aspect of the Muslim religion. Utterly offensive and unacceptable."


Make Bradford British

"I would like to say a big thank you to Channel 4 for the transmission of the documentary called 'Make Bradford British'. I was completely shocked to see that Channel 4 even attempted to try and look at society in the way it did. I am very impressed and I encourage programmes like this. Maybe this will make Britain look at itself. As a black British person coming from West Indian parents I connected with a lot of the issues raised."

'"Although the intentions and the nature of the program are all well and good I completely feel that Bradford has been grossly misrepresented... The Asian community has been misrepresented...So I feel you have failed to conduct a sound experiment with a multitude of people which represent Bradford significantly"


Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

"I found tonight's programme deeply upsetting, why weren't we as viewers warned about the graphic footage showing the assault on Paddy? I found this really upsetting, us he may have led a violent life but there was absolutely no need to show any of the assault or his injuries."


Time Team

"I wish to complain about the format of the new show. I dislike the new presenter and the spoiler at the start of shows. History isn't about glamorous (albeit qualified) co-presenters its about learning. I feel the show has strayed from what made it so great and am asking if the show producers can please, please reinstate Mick Aston and return to the shows previous format.


Sunday Brunch

"Thank you for Sunday Brunch. I was an absolute fan of Something For The Weekend, and I am so glad you have brought this programme on. My Sunday mornings are still fab. So far it's great."


IAAF World Indoor Championships 2012

"Your athletic coverage is being ruined by using presenters from youth programs, get some adults in cause its very poor."


The Hotel

"The Hotel is one of the best programmes we had, it was the highlight of my entire viewing calendar. Please do another series. I and everyone where I work talked of nothing else while it was on. Bring on another series but it has to be at the Grosvenor."


The Undateables

'"The name of this programme is wrong and insulting for and to people with physical and mental disabilities your company has named this programme without the feeling of people with disabilities and it makes me sick to my stomach"



"I would just like to take this opportunity to congratulate channel 4 for the recent supply of quality documentaries. To many times people complain but I feel I need to comment on this. from one born every minute, to coppers it has been a breath of fresh air from all this reality rubbish. well done and thank you! I hope there will be a new coppers soon"