Viewers' Voice - December

03 February 2012

Channel 4′s Viewer Enquiries team dealt with a total of 10,100 contacts (phone calls and emails). Of these, 377 were appreciative and 1,077 were critical.

Top 5 programmes most appreciated and not appreciated by people who contacted Viewer Enquiries in December, 2012 (quote is an example of viewer comment):

top 5 rated


Cutting Edge: Obsessive Compulsive Hoarder (52 Comments)

"Thank you for airing the interesting documentary Obsessive Compulsive Hoarder. It was intriguing and heart warming as it showed a community helping an individual. Are there any plans to do a follow-up documentary to show what progress has been made?"


My Transsexual Summer (48 Comments)

"I really enjoyed Trans Summer, it was such an inspirational and eye opening documentary! So well done!...I would be so happy if there was to be a second series! I want to know more about their lives and progress!"


The Great British Property Scandal (41 Comments)

'"...It may well be that this strand alone changes the lives of hundreds if not thousands of people. If you ran programmes along this line every single week we would never be bored... there were tears of happiness running down my face... Thank you Channel 4. This what you should be doing (we know you have to put bums on seats and entertain people too) but really, THANK YOU, please do more of this!..."


Living With The Amish (23 Comments)

"I wrote to you a year or so ago in praise of your last programme about the Amish and now find myself doing so again! It's always wonderful to learn about other cultures and ways of life, but to learn even more about the Amish, especially in the current climate is a gift - so thank you very much!"


This Is England '88 (22 Comments)

'"My favourite channel, C4 has done it again with the brilliant Shane Meadow`s "This is England `88" Powerful, realistic, moving drama of sheer quality which, I am not ashamed to say, moved me to tears, and I am by no means a wimpy male. I loved the original film and the C4 follow-up

top 5 slated


Black Mirror Trilogy (253 Comments)

'"I must protest most strongly to the content of the first programme of 'Black Mirror'. The suggested sexual content was a disgrace. And to think that this subject was in any way humorous was shameful."


Alan Carr's New Year Specstacular (58 Comments)

"This programme is absolutely disgusting. I have never seen so many, so called TV Celebs showing themselves up and resorting to so much vulgarity."


The Food Hospital (47 Comments)

'"I was very disappointed in the way M.E. was portrayed in the programme. In my opinion it was not a fair representation of how severe this illness can be."


The Million Pound Drop Live (35 Comments)

"The noise when the contestants enter, is so loud we can not hear what is being said to introduce them. And also when Davina is giving the answers or telling us some info, she is drowned out by the shouting, clappin or screeching, is this really necessary for us to enjoy the show. Please tone it down"


8 Out of 10 Cats Christmas Special (29 Comments)

"I was already bored of the tired humour of this programme, but after watching the school boy bullying of Jedward last night I won't be watching it again."