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We get loads of emails, calls and letters from viewers asking questions, leaving comments or letting us know what they think about our programming. So we thought we'd list here info around the most asked questions of the week as well as news about upcoming programmes.

"PLEASE when will you be showing season 3 of Nashville? Brilliant, brilliant series and eagerly awaited by many viewers."

We know you've been patiently waiting, so wanted to let you know that Nashville Series 3 is heading to E4! The new series starts on Wednesday, 13 May at 10pm - and don't forget - it'll now be showing on E4 not More4.

Will Channel 4 be showing the Grammy's this year?

We'll be showing the 57th Grammy Awards, hosted by LLCoolJ on 4Music this year from 9pm. We'll also feature a highlights show on Channel 4 from 11.35pm.