Audio Description, Subtitles, Signing

What is Channel 4's commitment to subtitling and other access services?

Post a review of Channel 4’s access services in 2011, we decided to make some major commitments, over and above our statutory quotas, in relation to the provision of these services across our channels.

This commitment, to up the quotas to 100% subtitling, 20% audio description and 5% signing, meant that we would provide a significantly increased quantity and range of programmes accessible to hearing and visually impaired audiences.

Subtitling: We continue to maintain the above commitment and have provided subtitles on 99.9% of our programming in 2013 on Channel 4, E4 and 4Seven. 99.96% on Film4 and 100% on More4. We have also provided subtitles on over 92% of our archive and over 77% of catch up programming available on our on demand service 4oD via

Audio Description: Also in line with the above commitment, to provide 20% of programming with audio description, we have in fact provided over 30% of programming with audio description on Channel 4, 47% on E4, 27% on Film4, 28% on More4 and 23% on 4Seven. Audio description has also been introduced to our on demand service, 4oD, via and in 2013, we provided over 20% of our archive and almost 16% of catch up programming with audio description.

Signing: In 2013, we provided 5% of our programing with signing on Channel 4 and E4. More 4, Film 4 and 4Seven all contribute to the Community Channel funding and therefore do not carry signed programmes (with one exception, each Monday morning at 8am on Film4).

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