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What is Channel 4's commitment to subtitling?

Post a review of Channel 4’s access services, we decided to make some major new commitments, over and above our statutory quotas, in relation to subtitling and audio description. These changes significantly increased the quantity and range of programmes accessible to hearing and visually impaired audiences.

Subtitling: For the first time, we are making a commitment to subtitle 100% of programmes on Channel 4, More 4, E4, Film 4 and +1 channels. We will begin to move towards this major new target from July, with a view to achieving the 100% commitment by January 2011. Under our new remit Channel 4 is required to invest in and distribute content across a range of digital platforms. Channel 4 introduced subtitling to the on demand service 4oD on in 2009 and the increase in TV subtitling will carry across to programmes made available through 4oD. We are also continuing to explore subtitling on content made available to other platforms and on non-TV originated content.

Audio description: You may also be interested to know that, in relation to audio description, Channel 4 has made a voluntary commitment to more than double provision to 20% of programmes on Channel 4, More 4, E4, Film 4 and +1 channels which we achieved in 2011. We now audio describe the popular long running programmes Hollyoaks and Deal or No Deal.

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