We've updated our 4Viewers site...

25 May 2012

Welcome to the first post on the refreshed 4Viewer Site. Over the coming weeks, months, years, we will use this site to update you on the Channel 4 news related to viewers, including our approach to viewer data.

As such, today's post coincides with the launch of our Viewer Promise. This Viewer Promise is our first step in giving more transparency and control over the data we collect and hold on registered users. And we have done it in the only way we know. On the one hand, we realise that reading Privacy Policies and Terms of Use can be a little daunting, but on the other hand, we are really keen for you to understand our key principles and how we use the data you give us, so we asked Alan Carr to help us give you the headlines.

We have also rewritten our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use making them much easier to understand and free from the usual guff you encounter.

This all coincides with our response to the new e-Privacy Directive including our new Cookies Policy. This means that users of any Channel 4 digital Product or Service will be informed that we use Cookies or other tracking technology. Our Cookies Policy outlines how they are used and gives links to how they can all be managed.

The 4Viewers site still remains the place to come to find out about all our frequently asked questions and also to see what viewers are saying about our shows. Plus, there are all the details of how you can get in touch with us if you have questions or suggestions about how we can improve what we're doing.

We hope to see you on the site from time-to-time so we can keep you up-to-date on our developing efforts in this area.


Steve Forde

Head of Viewer Relationship Management

Channel 4