Summer of Sci-Fi on E4

15 August 2018

As Series 5 of The 100 draws to a close and we prepare to say goodbye to The Winchester Brothers and the good folks at the GCPD, we thought we’d have a look back at some of the best bits of E4’s Summer of Sci-Fi, before we give you a preview of what’s coming up…

Supernatural had us enjoying an outing with the Wayward Sisters, loving Lucifer finally getting his comeuppance and we even welcomed back Rowena, but we think everyone agrees that the highlight of the series just had to have been the better than a box of scoobysnacks, utterly scoobylicious, Scoobynatural.

Gotham made E4 its new home back in April and who can forget Professor Pyg’s reign of terror, the death of Don Falcone and Sophia and Penguin’s war games? This season also saw Jim Gordon finally take the reins of The GCPD, about time Jim!

Then, we witnessed Earth destroyed for good in the series finale of The 100 – Phew! But it’s not all bad… just like Wonkru, Shaikru and all the different tribes, we’ve pulled ourselves together and now we’re looking ahead to the future with apocalyptic excitement – and for good reason too!

If you haven’t heard by now (where have you been?) The critically acclaimed Fear the Walking Dead has finally hit E4. In this companion to the Walking Dead, Los Angeles high school guidance counsellor Madison Clark, her teacher fiancé Travis Manawa and their dysfunctional blended family are forced to work together in order to survive when they realise that a reported virus is actually the onset of the undead apocalypse…news guaranteed not to make your day!

But never fear, if you missed the big season premiere on Sunday 12 August, or you just want to watch it again… All 4’s got your back - click here to catch up right now

And if that wasn’t enough, this Sunday E4 lands on Krypton – the birthplace of The Man of Steel. That is of course, if his grandfather can stop dark forces trying to ensure the greatest superhero of all time is never born. You can join the Kryptonians in the fight for their planet’s very survival every Sunday at 9pm followed by Fear the Walking Dead at 10pm.

We know that with so many great programmes coming your way, it can be hard to keep track. That’s why we created #4RemindMe. If you’d like a heads up via Twitter on just when your favourite shows are returning, click here to find out more CLICK HERE or you can set an email reminder via your account settings too.

See, it’s not the end of this sizzling Summer of Sci-Fi – it’s just the beginning!