New Year's Day - Need to put the feet up?

30 December 2016

If you maybe overdid it with that one last glass of champers and need something, not too strenuous, to put the feet up to on New Year’s Day, head over to E4 where we've got your telly watching covered with a marathon of episodes from The Big Bang Theory - starting at 12.35pm going through to 8pm.

The episodes, from various series, feature some of the very best guest stars who made episodes, just that little bit more special. From Professor Stephen Hawking, to Bill Nye - The Science Guy. Sci-Fi giants James Earl Jones and Leonard Nimoy - not forgetting Sheldon’s (now) best Pal, Star Trek: Next Generation alum, Wil Wheaton.

Just right for a wintery 1st of January day.

Wishing you a very happy new year from all of us here at Channel 4.