Hunted returns for a new series

02 January 2018

The new year brings a new series of Channel 4’s thrilling cat and mouse escape series, Hunted. Following a dramatic launch and helicopter chase in Manchester, six brand new episodes will track nine British citizens as they turn fugitive and go on the run. Returning for a third season the show will see the fugitives pursued across the UK by an elite team of 30 hunters, drawn from some of the world’s best investigators and led by former Scotland Yard detective, Chief Peter Bleksley.

In an era of unparalled scrutiny around the concepts of privacy and security, Hunted has become an eye-opening battle of skill and cunning as determined fugitives are pitted against expert hunts. This year the stakes are as high as ever. If the fugitives can evade capture for 25 days they could win a share of £100,000 but pursued by hunters equipped with search dogs, drones and helicopters they are up against a formidable force and it’s clear that both sides will have to raise their game if they want to emerge triumphant.

This year, the fugitives include former police firearms office Jamie Clark, father and son team Bob and Alex Alying and retired college tutor Carlene Crowe. In the first episode (Thursday 4 January, 9pm) the fugitives escape the net in Manchester but the hunters are in hot pursuit and within hours they must organise a dramatic sting on the streets of London.

Further episodes appear on Thursdays at 9pm.