Highlights for this weekend (23-24 September)

22 September 2017

Coming up this weekend, the start of a new 4-part series with Tony Robinson who'll be wandering around the byways of Britain in BRITAIN'S ANCIENT TRACKS WITH TONY ROBINSON. In the first episode at 7pm, he will be exploring Dartmoor, its mysteries and legends. Followed at 8pm by the second episode of our new series WWII'S GREAT ESCAPES: THE FREEDOM TRAILS. In this episode, Monty Halls follows the dramatic escape route taken by British prisoner of war Len Harley from Nazi-occupied Italy. Along the way, Monty reunites Len - who is now 98 - with one of his saviours, Rosina Spinosa, who sheltered him during his ordeal.

If it's Sunday, then it's more new stuff. First up, a new 3-part series of ESCAPE TO THE CHATEAU following the further adventures of Dick and Angel Strawbridge who swapped a flat in Southend for a castle, albeit a derelict one, in France. Over the last couple of years they’ve been trying to convert the Chateau De La Motte Husson from a derelict sleeping beauty into the fairy tale castle of their dreams. Guess what...not everything has gone according to plan.

We've more constructions work at 8pm - EGYPT'S GREAT PYRAMID: The New Evidence. Egypt's Great Pyramid may be humanity's greatest achievement. But exactly how the ancient Egyptians finished the monument and fitted its two and a half million blocks has long remained an enigma. Today the secrets of the pyramid are finally being revealed thanks to a series of new findings.

Last up at 9pm by the second episode in our Philip K. Dick season of drama, ELECTRIC DREAMS: Impossible Planet. In this episode, Jack Reynor stars as Norton, a discontented tour guide of a cruise ship in space who meets the supernaturally old Irma (Geraldine Chaplin). She wants to go to Earth; a planet long since destroyed. Norton's colleague Andrews (Benedict Wong) is keen to scam Irma. But Norton is hesitant, and soon develops a deep connection that's just as impossible as the planet they are searching for.