Extreme Cake Makers is back and sweeter than ever

25 January 2018

Are you still picking over the remains of your Christmas cake? Or feeling that there’s a huge GBBO-shaped hole in your life? Then Channel 4 has the perfect show to hit the sweet spot on your sweet tooth as EXTREME CAKE MAKERS is back for a second super-sized series. The show that follows an elite group of incredible crafts men and women returns and this year they are creating even more jaw-dropping edible masterpieces for some spectacular occasions.

And if you think all bakers are well … just bakers, then think again. The line-up for this series includes Britain’s first female pilot in the forces, a minister, a fashionista and a tattoo artist, and all of them bring their unique style and creativity to their cake-making tables. So expect to see a 4 ft replica cow (which almost doesn’t make it out of the door), an edible remote control car, an intricate nine tier wedding cake and a replica of Highgrove House that’s presented to HRH Prince Charles himself.

These sugar-crafting magicians tap into the world around them to find their inspiration and draw on art, fashion, architecture and animals to help them come up with astonishing ideas that will provide the ‘wow’ factor and stun their clients. These cakes need to be the talk of the party, and Instagram, after all.

Baking ambitions for these baking gurus are as high flying as their towering confectionary creations, with Ben admitting that his fantasy commission would be to bake a whole Hansel and Gretel house, complete with the resident little old lady. In comparison, Molly’s dream of baking for Beyonce and El’s desire to make the Royal centre-piece for Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding seem rather tame!

You can see the EXTREME CAKE MAKERS at work every weekday at 5.30pm on Channel 4 and if you miss any, or want to see the first series, every episode is available on All4.