Design & Plan A Mediterranean Garden

Mediterranean garden

Want to create a garden reminiscent of the sunny courtyards you've enjoyed during holidays abroad? Here's how.

What Makes A Mediterranean Style Garden?

Bright, clean contemporary lines are mixed in this garden (above) with a blend of strongly architectural plants and a high proportion of containerised plants, to create a garden that has the simplicity of modernist design in its hard landscaping but the eclecticism of less-formalised gardens in its planting, and a strong reference to the sunny courtyard gardens of the Mediterranean.

The repeated use of seating areas in different locations - there are three in what is quite a small space - instantly creates a journey from one space to another, the spaces as much decreed and delineated by the seating and tables as by any physical feature.

Find out how to create a similar look in your garden on the next page.

For More Garden Inspiration

Taken from the book Landscape Man: Making A Garden by Matthew Wilson, published by Quadrille, £20


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