L-shaped Living Room Makeover

Before: Originally a kitchen diner, the living room housed a boiler, dining table and old-fashioned units. In restoring it back to a living space, the challenge was to make the somewhat awkward L-shape work well.

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After: Furnishing and accessorising this room was as much of a challenge as decorating it - how do you make the most of an awkward-shaped room? Here's how - and get the look with our buys here.

Highlight The Good Points

Sleek low-level furniture - from the sofa and coffee table to built-in storage - highlights the tall ceilings in this room, which in turn detracts from the room's awkward shape. The dark curtains contrast with the pale colours in the rest of the scheme and further exaggerate the height of the windows, while framing the furniture beautifully.

Create A Focal Point

In an awkward-shaped room, creating a focal point is a must. Here, this takes the shape of a very practical but attractive combination storage unit which can house everything from toys to dvds. Framing the picture within the storage - then choosing co-ordinating accessories - is a clever trick that makes the units feel less functional and more design-led.

Unite The Scheme

A second matching sofa in the smaller part of the L-shape faces the TV and helps bring the room scheme together, while the large mirror over the sofa reflects the storage unit and further unites the different parts of the scheme. The dark wood within the furniture picks up the dark tones of the curtains, again bringing different elements of the scheme together. For more advice, see our colour scheme pages.

Get Good Storage

This cd/book/dvd storage unit is the perfect example of well thought-out storage. It fills the space perfectly, its colour helps it blend back into the wall and it holds tons of stuff while taking up very little space. For more on living room storage, see our ideas and buys gallery.

Exaggerate Space

The sofas are covered in a fabric that reflects the colour of the carpet almost exactly. This helps make the room feel both bigger and more streamlined - a must in an awkward-shaped space. The choice of colour is both practical and welcoming, while the touches of blue are soothing in a busy room. See our feature on making small rooms seem bigger for more ideas.

Display Well

Within the narrowest part of the room, a console table can help give an otherwise redundant wall a sense of occasion. The light will draw attention to the table at night, while the selection of accessories and photos naturally draws the eye. See our design tips gallery for more ideas for displaying your accessories.

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Pictures: Bridget Peirson

Styling: Mia Pejcinovic

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