How To Get Rid Of Woodworm


Woodworm isn't actually a worm - in fact, they are insects that bore into wood, causing damage to furniture, floors and a building's structure. So, how do you get rid of them?


How Can I Tell If My House Has Woodworm?

You're unlikely to see a wood boring insect - and certainly not the worm-like larvae - in your home, but you can certainly see the results - tiny holes in timber and occasionally the dust caused by the boring as the adult beetles emerge from the wood. When do they appear? Woodworm emerge from early through to late summer.

How Did They Get In?

Woodworm is often brought into the home unwittingly in secondhand furniture. However, the beetles can also fly into the house from outdoors.

Where Do Woodworm Live?

The Common Furniture beetle, the most common woodworm, likes damp wood and plywood. You'll find it in damp floorboards, old furniture and loft rafters. If you spot a leak, ensure it's fixed and damp wood dried out as soon as possible.

How Much Damage Will They Do?

There's no rush - woodworm are slow acting, so take your time to get your home properly surveyed by more than one company so you feel comfortable with the treatment recommended and quotes given.

If you're looking to buy a house that shows signs of woodworm, get it properly surveyed by a specialist before proceeding.


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