Painting On Plaster

brown paint Painting On Plaster

You needn't put up lining paper on newly plastered walls - you can paint straight onto the plaster. But what should you know before you start?


Painting On Plaster

If you're going to paint straight onto plaster, the most important thing you can do is to allow the plaster to dry thoroughly first. If the wall has only had a skim coat, this shouldn't take too long.

But if it has been plastered from scratch - over brick or plasterboard - it might need a couple of weeks (and sometimes up to six weeks) to dry out properly.

Why Wait?

If you don't allow your wall to dry properly and paint it with anything other than a microporous paint (ie, one that allows the plaster to continue to 'breathe'), you will seal in the moisture within the plaster. This will then retreat back into the brickwork or plasterboard behind the plaster and may develop into a mouldy growth or efflorescence (which looks like salt deposits on the wall's surface).

Where Do I Start?

Once you are sure the plaster is dry, brush it off to remove any surface dust. Then, you'll need to seal/prime it first. If you apply paint to it directly, the plaster will simply suck the moisture from the paint and you'll be potentially left with dry, flaking paint on the surface.

You can create your own seal by diluting a water-based paint with one part water to four parts paint. Once this has dried you can paint as usual.

Which Type Of Paint Should I Use?

A water-based primer is a must. Then, it's up to you. Ideally, kitchens and bathrooms will be coated with paints designed specifically for these rooms. Why? These tend to be oil-based, so will repel the moisture that's created in these rooms, meaning that paint is less likely to flake and mould is less likely to develop.

However, if you have had a basement tanked, for example, you will almost certainly be advised to use water-based paints - but do ask the tanking company for their recommendations.


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