How To Get Rid Of Mice


They can look quite cute, admittedly, but it's never pleasant to find mice nestling in your food cupboards - and they pose a health risk too. So how do you get rid of them?


Why Are There Mice In My House?

In short, because they like living there as much as you. And why not, if you've made food accessible to them and allowed them entry and exit? Ask yourself a few questions:

How Can I Tell I've Got Mice?

Just as with rats, mice leave tell-tale signs of their presence:

Nasty smell - mice leave behind them a strong smell of urine that's stronger still in the tight spaces they love - kitchen cupboards (yuk!), under floorboards, beneath appliances...

Droppings - their droppings could be mistaken for small raisins at first glance - look for them around the bin, in your kitchen cupboards or under the sink.

Noises - scratch, scratch, scratch.

Damage - look for teeth marks in everything from food packaging to electric cables, wooden furniture to soap.

Nests - unlike cute Disney mouse, Jerry, they rarely leave in neat homes behind the skirting boards. Instead, look for mouse nests behind the fridge, at the back of a cupboard or in dark corners... and watch out for the babies.

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