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How To Make A Paper Rose Ring

paper roses

If you loved the paper flowers made during Kirstie’s Handmade Britain, why not have a go at making them yourself? Here’s how.

By Kirstie Allsopp

Paper (decorative or from an old book)

Quilling tool

PVA glue

Epoxy resin glue (Araldite)

Blank ring

Emery board or nail file

A large blob of Blu-Tack


This craft is a little fiddly but as Kirstie has shown, even a beginner can do it!


Quilling tools can cost as little as £2, as can the adhesive, so you can kit yourself out for about £5.


One flower takes 10 minutes

Step One: Cut Paper Circles

Cut a square of paper (7.5cm to 10cm in size), then round the corners so you have a more circular shape.

Step Two: Cut A Spiral

Cut a spiral in the paper with your scissors working from the outer edge to the centre (remembering to leave a 1cm to 2cm circular disc in the centre).

Step Three: Cut A Wavy Edge

Now working on the outer edge of your coil, cut a wavy line until you reach the central disc.

Step Four: Coil The Paper

Using your quilling tool, coil the paper from the outer edge (where you first started cutting) to the central disc, making sure to keep the straight edge straight and fairly tight. Release the tension and allow the paper to fall from your quilling tool.

Step Five: Glue The Rose In Place

Squeeze a small amount of PVA glue onto the central disc and hold the swirled rose into place. Allow to dry, ideally about an hour.

Step Six: File The Ring

Gently file the surface of the metal disc on the ring (this will allow the paper to key to it when glued and not ping off whilst wearing.

Step Seven: Glue The Rose To The Ring

First mix up even amounts of the two-part epoxy resin glue. Place a small amount of the mix onto the metal disc on the ring. Immediately place the completed paper rose onto the disc. Leave in an upright position in the Blu-Tack to dry overnight.

With thanks to Phiona Richards at Rare Notions

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