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How To Make A 3D Decoupage Picture

decoupage picture

Would you like to try to make the decoupage project featured in Kirstie's Handmade Britain? Follow our simple instructions below to discover the techniques.

By Kirstie Allsopp

Set of eight identical printed picture cards

Craft knife


Decoupage varnish

Sealant/silicon glue

Paints/coloured felt tip pens


Cocktail sticks

Teaspoon for shaping

Cutting mat

Empty ballpoint pen for shaping and adding fine details


This is fiddly but easy for a beginner who has some patience with getting the details right!


Decoupage glue costs around £1.99 for 30ml; a craft knife set costs less than £5.


Beginners should leave themselves a day to finish this neatly but bear in mind that the varnish takes up to seven days to apply and dry.

Step One: Choose Your Subject

Choose your picture cards - for example, a floral subject. The picture is worked from back to front, and the idea is to form a 3d piece of work. The first card will be your bottom layer.

Step Two: Cut Out The Second Layer

Cut out pieces for the second layer, using a craft knife or sharp scissors. Colour any white edges carefully with felt tip pens then, using silicon glue and a cocktail stick, place them exactly on to the first card.

Step Three: Glue The Second Layer

Do not use too much silicon, but enough to lift the next part of the project. It is easier to drop the layer carefully onto the base then carefully line up exactly using the cocktail stick. Leave to dry.

Step Four: Cut Out The Third Layer

Cut smaller pieces from card number three, colour edges as before and shape using the back of a teaspoon.

Step Four: Shape The Leaves

Make veins of leaves by pressing with an empty ballpoint pen on the wrong side of the card. Adhere as before.

Step Five: Repeat The Process

Continue with all the remaining cards until the picture is complete and stands out.

Step Six: Varnish The Card

Using decoupage varnish, apply a thin coat and cover your work. When this is completely dry, add a second coat and so on until the work appears like porcelain. This usually takes 11 or 12 coats and can take seven days as it is only possible to add varnish three times a day.

With thank to Bramley WI

For more on techniques for flat decoupage, go to our step by step how to


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