How To Make A Polar Bear Cake Decoration


Creating this fun cake isn't as difficult as you'd think - follow the steps to success. By Kirstie Allsopp

I’ve been inspired by Mich Turner, who I met last February, to make this year’s Christmas cakes look amazing. This time, I want to learn to decorate the most Christmassy Christmas cakes ever. And in particular, I was really excited about learning how to make polar bears!

With the festive season upon us, I couldn’t think of anyone better than Mich to teach me how to give my cake a Christmassy twist because when it comes to decorating festive fayre, she really is in a class of her own.

  • Sugarpaste
  • Small knife to cut the sugarpaste with
  • Black royal icing
  • Piping bag with tiny nozzle


Easy. And you can always eat the bits that go wrong!


Under a fiver. Sugarpaste costs approx £2 per 250g. If you make your own royal icing it will cost just a few pence.


A couple of hours


Step One: Make the Body

To make a bear, you need sugar paste, which you can get in cake decorating shops or online. Knead it to make it pliable and make an oval for the body.


Step Two: Form the Legs

Cut a triangle to form the front legs. At the rear, make two more cuts and shape the body away from the paws.


Step Three: Add the Tail, Head, and Ears

You make the tail from a small cone - and the head from another ball of paste. Add a couple of ears, then our bears are ready to be iced.


Step Four: Add the Details

To add detail, we're using black royal icing, which you can buy in cake decorating shops. Black is very unforgiving, so be extra careful not to blob and smudge it. Give your polar bear three little lines on his paws, some sleepy eyes and a little pearl for a nose.


Step Five: Complete the Bear Family

To complete the family, we made baby bear too and finished them off with holly and berries. You can fashion your own holly, or like us, you can buy a holly-shaped cutter from specialist shops. The important thing is not to beat yourself up that they don’t look like Mich’s!

The simple designs I learned today have proved to me that this craft is within everyone’s reach. If you want to try your hand at it too, there are courses covering decoration for every occasion.


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