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How To Make A Decoupage Christmas Tree Decoration


If you would like to have a go at making a decoupage tree decoration, as featured in Kirstie's Handmade Britain, follow our simple instructions below.

By Kirstie Allsopp

One polystyrene star (available from craft shops)

1 sheet decoupage paper


1 tub PVA glue

1m thin ribbon

Pins or tacks

Sequins and beads


Paint brushes


Basic. But be careful of the pins!


Under £10.


An afternoon.

Step One: Cut The Paper

Cut decoupage paper into small squares.

Step Two: Apply Glue

Apply PVA decoupage glue with a fine paintbrush to the area where the first square of paper is to be placed.

Step Three: Smooth The Surface

Glue a paper square to a star. Smooth the surface, working from the centre of the edges. Remove any excess glue with a lightly dampened sponge. Paint a coat of glue over the square.

Step Four: Apply More Paper

Overlap second square of paper with first so that they meet seamlessly. Apply glue to area and affix square. Paint a coat of glue over square.

Step Five: Add More Squares

Continue adding squares until star is covered in paper.

Step Six: Allow Drying Time

Allow glue to dry completely.

Step Seven: Add Ribbon

Begin wrapping ribbon around star. Pin one end in to one of the star’s indentations.

Step Eight: Glue

Apply a thin strip of glue along the ridged edge of the star.

Step Nine: Fix Ribbon

Pull ribbon over tightly and fix on to opposite point with a pin.

Step 10: Repeat

Repeat down the other side, and fix ribbon at bottom with pin (back where you started). Cut ribbon.

Step eleven:

Add pins to secure. Apply evenly and in a consistent pattern along star’s edges.

Step 12: Repeat

Continue until star is covered with ribbon.

Step 13: Add A Bead

Add a bead to the end of each point of the star using a pin to secure.

Step 14: Decorate

Add a sequin to each side of the middle of the star and secure with a tack and bead.

Step 15: Create The Hanging Loop

Thread a sewing needle with silver thread and push it through one of the points of the star, being careful not to thread too close to the surface in case the thread breaks through the polystyrene. This creates your loop for hanging your star to the tree. Leave the thread undone so you can tie it on to tree at the desired length.

Step 16: Hang It!

Hang the star to your tree!

  • The glue drying process can be speeded up using a hairdryer.


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