Washing And Dry Cleaning Symbols Explained

Fed up of shrinking your new jumper the first time you wash it? Then follow our guide to washing symbols and make sure you know your drip dry from your dry clean only!

Machine wash symbol

Washing Symbols

Machine Wash - Normal: Garment may be washed at the hottest available temperature, using any detergent or machine designed for this purpose.

Machine wash: cold symbol

Machine Wash - Cold: Wash at no more than 30 degrees.

Machine wash: warm symbol

Machine Wash - Warm: Wash at no more than 40 degrees

Machine wash: hot symbol

Machine Wash - Hot: Wash at no more than 50 degrees. This system continue up on the following scale: Four dots: 60 degrees. Five dots: 70 degrees. Six dots: 95 degrees

Machine wash: permanent press symbol

Machine Wash - Permanent Press: Garment may be machine washed only on the setting designed to preserve Permanent Press.

Machine wash: delicate symbol

Machine Wash - Delicate: Garment may be machine washed only on the setting designed for delicate items.

Do not wash symbol

Do Not Wash: Do not machine wash - normally accompanied by a dry clean symbol.

Hand wash only symbol

Wash by hand only.

Do not wring symbol

Do Not Wring


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